Sustainable Development - from concept through to implementation

Etosha Consult International is among the pioneer consultancies to support integrated regional, country and continental-wide Sustainable Development with focus on Northern Namibia (1989-1998 and 2010-present), African Union countries and based in Niamey, Niger (2014-2017), Bavaria, Germany (1998-2000) and the Republic of Macedonia (2001-2009).

Creating the Climate for Change towards a Better Quality of Life !

Project Management and Coaching

Project Management.
Donor: "We need."
Beneficiary: "We don't like."
Etosha Consult: "Experience the difference !"

In simple words, Project Management is nothing else than a structured and foresighted way and a set of tools - the Logical Framework Approach - to make your project life as pleasant as possible. It includes to organize team work; just like in football.

With Etosha Consult's legendary Project Management services we empower people to help themselves, which is one of the basics when it comes to Sustainable Development.

Remember: We do not provide fish. We rather teach how to fish !

Climate and Environment Change

“What is Climate Change ?
Climate Change implies an increase of extreme events, both in terms of magnitude and frequency !”
Prof. Dr. H. Flohn, University of Bonn, Germany

In fact, it is our daiSustainable Development Visualizationly life experience that human beings want to find material prosperity, but at the same time they enjoy a social life in harmony with the environment. The belief that social, economic and environmental goals should be complementary and interdependent throughout the development process is the heart of the concept of Sustainable Development. The vision of balanced and accountable development in economic, social and environmental fields is exactly the substance covered by the idea of sustainability of the development, as fully described by the Agenda 21 document of the United Nations Conference in Rio de Janeiro 1992. Etosha Consult International translates exactly this approach towards Sustainable Development into coherent and targeted services.

Priv.-Doz. Dr Dr habil. Manfred W. Buch
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